Great Passport Photo Service by The Imaging Professionals.

Passport PhotosAt The Imaging Professionals, we provide a great passport photo service. You a professionally taken UK standard passport photos. Ideal for driving licence, Passport application, travel document, ID card, Travel Card e.t.c

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US Passport Photos

us passport photo

Our studio is equipped with professional lighting and high quality DSLR’s and quality lenses, we print lab quality prints which are accepted by U.S. passport offices

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Indonesia Passport Size Photo

red background passport photo indonesiaA professionally taken Indonesia standard passport photo. Ideal for driving licence, Passport application, travel document, ID card, Travel Card e.t.c

We are not limited in the amount of background colour you have, we can get the right background needed by the clients. We would be happy if you can have your specifications ready prior to visiting our studio.

Little Children Passport Photos


Our studio is equipped with professional lighting and high quality DSLR’s and quality lenses, we help to capture passport photographs of little children.

UK Baby Passport Photo

Baby Passport PhotoA professionally taken UK standard passport photo for baby and new-born. Ideal for passport application or  travel document. We give a set of six for £10

Our Passport Photo Studio

Passport Photo Studio

Our studio is equipped with professional lighting and high quality DSLR’s and quality lenses, we print lab quality prints which are accepted by UK,U.S. and other international passport offices.  provides expert service and guaranteed results.

For professional passport photo, ideal for immigration visa and ID photos, The Imaging Professionals, 173a Walsgrave Road, Coventry, UK CV2 4HH

We can supply visa, passport, citizenship photos for all countries of the world the most requested ones being the UK passport photo, United States visa photo, United States passport photo, Canadian visa photo, Canadian passport photo, Indian visa, OCI Passport photo, Chinese visa, EU countries passport and visa photos .   The Imaging Professionals Studio at Coventry is the only location in the West Midlands area that offers a full range of instant, biometric passport, visa & ID photos. And yes, we can take passport photos of babies and children (most of the time anyway).All passport & visa photos are taken by a professional photographer.Passport photos are printed while you wait (usually 2 minutes) and can be emailed usually within 15 minutes. We are available to take walk-in passport, visa & ID-type photos during the times listed below. If you’re making a special trip, bringing a baby or your entire family in, it’s advisable to email or phone for an appointment. – Monday to Thursday, 10:00am-6pm only. Busy in the afternoon
– Saturday 11:00am – 4:00pm   Also, it is often (but not always) possible to make an appointment for earlier than 10am or later than 4pm. Please contact me.
If you need a profile photo for business purposes, you will need to make an appointment, as it’s a more complex photo shoot in the main studio.

Digital passport photos for Indian Nationals

It is now possible to complete your  India Life Visa / OCI application online. This new system is a world first. It works very well and is a little cheaper too! See
We can supply a suitable, tested photo file straight away by email.
NOTE: if uploading the photo from a phone or device, ensure you do not further compress the photo file, or it will be rejected. Check your settings.

Passport, visa, ID photos, prints & digital files

  • Your photo will be taken by a professional photographer
  • Expert service
  • Digital files of UK, US, OCI  passport photos for online application – yes!
  • Prints are ready in minutes – no return trip to collect your photos
  • Your photos will be trimmed to the exact size required
  • Digital files are available straight away by email
  • Coventry Studio with plenty of street parking around
  • If there is a problem it will be fixed at no cost.

What does it cost?

  • Normally, £10.00 for eight, standard 35mm x 45mm passport photos
  • ID photo for 18+ card – £10.
  • Payment by Visa or Cash
  • Photos are guaranteed to work for the purpose they were taken for
  • Phone 02476101687, cell 02476100687, email us

Do I need to worry about…?

  • Hair: if you have rather a lot of it, sometimes it’s hard to fit within the strict photo measurements. Perhaps bring a hair clip or prepare to tie it back. If you have a fringe, make sure it can be kept clear of your eyebrows.
  • Glasses are usually no problem but if it looks like they could be, we’ll give you photos with and without them on.
  • Clothing: Avoid white if the photo’s background is also white (US, Canada, most Asian countries).
  • Malaysian passport photos require more formal, darker clothing and for the skin to be reasonably covered below the neck.
  • Babies are usually no problem, but it can help to pick a time of day when your baby is usually both awake and reasonably settled. (We appreciate babies are not that predictable 🙂

Different types of passport & visa photos

  • UK, EU, NZ passport and visas, similar to NZ (more or less – some subtle differences) – pricing as above, sheet of 6 provided.
  • New Zealand passport & visa photos – 35 x 45mm, neutral, light grey background (not white!) – pricing as above, sheet of 6 provided. Digital files for uploading are provided by email.
  • US passport, visa, Greencard photos – 2″ or 51mm square, 6 photos per sheet, digital file suitable for US visa available, £10.00 (tested using US State Dept  photo checker, so guaranteed to upload correctly).
  • Canadian passport photos – two photos provided, with an extra two for good measure. Info written on the back as specified. £10.00. Canadian visa photos also £10.00
  • Dutch passport photos – yes, I can do them!  If you’re making a special trip to Coventry and require photos earlier than my listed hours, please email me for an appointment
  • Indian visa & passport photos – similar to US ones but grey background, – 51mm square. 2×2 inches – £10. Digital file also available.
  • Malaysian passport photos – white background, 35x50mm, six per sheet, See note on clothing, above £10.
  • China (48x33mm), Hong Kong, Vietnam (40x60mm), Laos, Cambodia – white background, various sizes, six per sheet.
  • Other countries not mentioned above – usually no problem. It will help if you have the specifications printed out
  • Applications for university, language courses, employment forms, etc – yes, no problem
  • Also we do photos for licenses and permits, such as for scuba diving, firearms, martial arts certification, JET applications, medical certification, police checks, international drivers’ licenses, etc, etc, you name it…


The Imaging Professionals provides a great Passport Photo Service in Coventry. Over the years, many famous personalities have been photographed at the studio. The Imaging Professionals is Coventry passport photo studio that’s within walking distance from Old Ball Hotel, Coventry. The Imaging Professionals provides the following  Passport Photo Service:

  • Fill your U.S. Visa Form and make appointments
  • Brazilian Passport and Visa Forms
  • Scanning, photocopy and printing documents
  • Fill your OCI application form  and submit necessary documents
  • Passport and Visa Photos for All Countries
  • U.K. Passport and Visa Photos
  • U.S. Passport and Visa Photos (prints and digital)
  • India Passport and Visa Photos / OCI passport photo
  • Canadian Passport and Visa Photos
  • Greek Passport and Visa Photos
  • Netherlands Passport and Visa Photos
  • Polish Passport and Visa Photos
  • Estonia Passport and Visa Photos
  • Finland Passport and Visa Photos
  • Brazilian Passport and Visa Photos
  • Baby’s Passport Photos and Visa Photos
  • …and many, many more
  • Ready Immediately
  • No Appointments Required
  • Baby’s Passport Photos
  • Personal Portraits Also Available
  • Photo Ready in approximately 5min.

For Passport Photo Service, The Imaging Professionals has ample work experience in supplying bulk passport and visa photos for major businesses in Coventry and throughout West Midlands. Whatever your documentation photo requirements, powered by The Imaging  Professionals is there to meet your passport photo service needs.

Passport Photo Studio

Ideal photos for driving licence and ID photos

Passport Photos Near MeAre you looking for a professional passport photographers that can get you a standard size ID Photos or passport photos in Coventry UK? The Imaging Professionals is the right place. Our passport photos are ideal for both provisional and full driving licence, Visa application, Passport renewal applications, ID for travel document, Student ID card, OCI application Photo Size (2inches by 2inches). We cater for all countries passport photo requirements. Our passport photo printing process takes only 3-5minutes. We always ensure that each client is given exact passport photo size required as stipulated in the application passport photo guidelines. We have in-house passport photographers who ofter keep themselves updated with various embassies ID photos or passport photo requirements. Also available is taxi badge photo ID passport photo.